Episode 1: Blast-Off!

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I continue to make a fool of myself, but this time it’s in audio form!  And it’s recurring! The next one’s coming out on October 30th.

Big, big thanks to my dear pals Fred Olsen and Jess Morrissette, who took time out to do their bits with practically no idea of what they were doing it for or what was expected of them.  They both knocked it out of the park, as far as I’m concerned (I confess to perhaps being a bit biased).  You can tell Fred was just about to go into excruciatingdetail about synthesizers and such, but he kept it cool.  And I don’t think I’ve ever heard Jess speak that fast.  He’s already cooking up a second “lesson” for you guys, and, without getting all mushy on you, it’s really a treat to have my first ever Internet buddy with me on this.

There was also supposed to be a bit from Gareth Millward, aka DrSlashVohaul on the SQN forums, but it’ll be in the next episode.  Poor guy worked right up to the deadline to get his bit sorted, only to have it bumped by evil me.  Them’s the breaks in radio land (I guess).

Also very excited that LordKat might be joining me in the future for a pre-recorded countdown segment.  LordKat, whom you probably know from the show Until We Win or his podcasts on LordKat.com, used to hang out with us Space Quest fans in the old days, before his days of internet celebrity, at the Virtual Broomcloset forums.  So it’s going to be a real treat to hear what he’s gonna cook up.

Well, I’ll leave you to listen to me making an ass of myself on-line yet again.  And send me your audio!  I may have opened the virtual floodgates here, but hey, I gotta fill the time out with something. 😉

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