Episode 2: Fear

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So, yes, the 2nd episode ever of The Space Quest Historian Podcast is on-line.  It’s 41 minutes of what Serena Nelson calls “pure awesome,” which she assures me isn’t just because she’s in it.

Serena sent me a 7 minute long spiel about Kickstarted adventure games that have come out but have been behind schedule.  Steven G. Alexander, CEO of Infamous Quests, went a different route: He sent me a file with faux interview responses, like, “How are you,” and a couple of laughs, groans and grunts, along with a very informative layout of the work he and his cronies did on Space Quest II VGA.  In fact, he was so informative, the stuff that’s in the podcast is only half of the goodies — the rest comes later.  But since Steven had gone to the good trouble of making a fool of himself doing “unscripted scripted” stuff, I turned him into SteveBot — the practically identical robot facsimile of Steve, complete with vocal glitches and a peculiar sense of humor.

And then there was the big surprise of the show: a “voice mail” I had purportedly gotten a week earlier, featuring some incendiary comments at the Two Guys and their SpaceVenture.  It was actually supposed to go in the previous episode, and the mad genius behind the bit, mr. Gareth Millward (known to us SQN denizens as DrSlashVohaul), rushed the mp3 file to me just the day before the previous episode’s release date, thinking he’d make the pilot episode … but no.  Sorry, mr. “Toleman.”  Hopes and dreams squashed.  I am such an evil genius.

(Uh, actually, the real reason for delaying it was me being a sissy and thinking it may have been a case of “too soon” by putting out what was obviously a light-hearted dig at a certain CEO of a certain software company so close to the momentous clusterfuck he created … but now, two weeks later, things have died down and it’s funny again.  At least, I think it is.  Come to think of it, I haven’t heard from Scott Murphy since the podcast came out.  Nah, just kidding.  I’m perched outside his window right now.)

Anyway, in the week leading up to the release of podcast no. 2, Gareth went ahead and made Pete Toleman flesh, creating a Twitter profile for the man and started assaulting Space Quest fans and adventure supporters.  Deftly balancing just on the precipice of good taste (nah, I’m kidding; he crossed it almost immediately), people started murmuring in the corners about what misfortune was about to befall us now, so soon to the one that had just transpired.  Just for the hell of it, we decided to ride it out and see what sort of merriment could transpire from such a joyously juvenile escapade.  Only Serena was let in on the joke, as she started sending me slightly panicked DM’s on SpaceQuest.net and I didn’t want her to pull her bit from the episode — the rest of the Space Quest fans were in the dark.

Yeah, that’s the kind of “blurring the lines between fantasy and reality” I like playing.  And also being momentously juvenile about it.

And this probably isn’t the last time we’ve heard from Pete Toleman.

So, well — momentous thanks to the people who participated.  Serena did a marathon segment chock-full of adventure gaming goodness; Steve delivered the sort of behind-the-scenes juicy info that I personally get off on (I’m the sort of dude who watches supplemental material on DVD’s and Blu-ray’s, no matter how inane the flick was); and “Mr. Pete Toleman” weirded everybody out.  Jess Morrissette reportedly wants me to have his babies.  So that must mean I’m doing something right.  Or maybe he’s just tired of his own kid.

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