Episode 7: Xenon Rebel Radio Militia

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Well, it’s 2014 now. Happy New Year, everybody. Well, to those of you that go by the Gregorian calendar, anyway. The rest of you, just pretend I say “happy New Year” every time you guys have a New Year, too.

We start things off slow, since it’s the new year and people are just starting to get back into their humdrum everyday lives. Since I basically only had two bits for the episode (the first I’ll get to in a minute; the second was Brandon & Ken’s final commentary bit), I had to fill time somehow. So, kind of a last minute thought, I decided to talk about some of the glitches that had been cropping up as we were playing the early builds of SpaceVenture. I know it’s much less funny to hear, rather than watch, but hopefully The Pope comes through on his promise of making a compilation video of these things after the game is finished. At least now it’s on record that he promised it.

And then we spill into the main bit of the show. I can’t actually remember how it happened, but one day, Tom King asked if he could do a bit for the show. And, like with most people who want to do bits for the show, I said, “Sure. What’d you have in mind?” And the dude went on to create this fantastically annoying character named Chuck Clusterbluck, who was a news reporter from the future of Space Quest XII (play Space Quest IV if you have no idea what I’m talking about here). We brainstormed back and forth on the idea for a bit and came up with the idea that Chuck had somehow gotten his hands on one of the Sequel Police’s time guns, but it had misfired and sent him who-knows-where. Congratulations, by the way; having read that, you now know more than what’s explained in the current episode. But we’ll get to all the nitty-gritty details of Chuck’s predicament in episode 8.

Anyway, Tom went balls-out on this bit. He recruited writers; he recorded and mixed the whole bit himself, including doing a remix of the bar music in Space Quest I and did foley work himself. And he went balls-out on the acting, too; that’s Tom himself as Chuck, and man, is that guy a pain in the ass. Part of Chuck’s character is that he doesn’t fact-check; he’s a sensationalist and he never lets facts or polite manners get in the way of getting a story. Tom plays him absolutely hilariously, I think. You can almost hear and feel the spittle flying when he accosts the bar manager, “So, who picks up the tab? The tax payers?!”

And there you have it, folks. The government’s getting sloshed on your– sorry, still replaying that bit in my mind. Tom’s already hard at work with his co-writers, Adam and Ryan, on episode 2. For this bit, Chuck’s gonna grill me on why I’m hijacking his transmissions. That’s gonna be a lot of fun.

Oh, and to cap off, the gentlemen of rock, Brandon Blume and Ken Allen, have come to the end of their SQ4 music commentary. It’s a double whammy of the Roger/Vohaul fight and the Closing Themes of Space Quest IV. And I had almost sent the podcast off — I had rendered the final mix, encoded it and uploaded it to Google Drive for The Pope to pick it up and publish — when I remembered that Frederik Olsen had also done a cover of the Closing Themes from SQ4. So, at literally the very last second before publication, I went in and added his cover to the podcast. Had I had more time, I would’ve asked the guy to give some commentary as to what he was thinking when doing it and how he did it, but … yeah, another time, perhaps.

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