Episode 10: Fan Fiction Theatre Pt. I

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Download the novels

Read and download the fan novels mentioned in this episode. Also check out the original fan fiction library at Jess’ old Virtual Broomcloset for the original documents. The below downloads are in brand-spanking new-fangled technology PDF format.

Download The Sarien Encounter novel
by Troels Pleimert

Download Future’s History novel
by Daniel Stacey

Download Future’s History II novel
by Daniel Stacey

Yes, stuff happened and episode 10 really was delayed for, well, a month. Four weeks is a month, right? Well, that’s what happened. It’s all in the episode and it really is a frighteningly dull reason. What matters is that we’re up and rolling again, after just a month and … uh, a day. (But what’s a day when you’ve already waited four months?)

For once, I don’t have to write the behind-the-scenes about this episode here, since I already explain the lateness in the episode itself. But I will say that Joe Cassara has a tremendous voice. And he did much more with these readings than he needed to. He did characterizations of characters he’d never heard of before; he added effects like reverb and “telephone” EQ’ing, and all sorts of amazing shit that he didn’t have to do but did anyway because, I’m gathering, he is a very nice person.

The Pope himself just managed to squeeze in his update, actually after I had recorded my bits, so you’ll probably notice a certain similarity between the “thank you” after Pope’s bit and the “thank you” after Daniel’s introduction to his novels. Truth is, I stuck Pope in the middle of a sentence I had recorded, then inserted the “thank you” to make it sound like I was reacting to the Pope saying, “Back to you, Troels.” Because it just sounded too harsh, even for me, to go right from “Back to you, Troels” to the next line, which is something along the lines of, “And now, let’s hear from some pleasant people,” without acknowledging what had just happened. (He is the Pope, after all.)

I was actually a little worried that this episode was going to be quite short, given that I didn’t have a lot of material planned. Gareth came through on a whim and dropped two hilarious bits in my lap; one being his fan fiction reading (which I think he improvised, or at least wrote very quickly — one moment he was like, “I could do a fan fic bit for you” on Facebook; ten minutes later there was an mp3 for me); the other one I know he improvised … and if you’ve already listened to the episode and not found “the other one,” I encourage you to not press ‘stop’ when the closing music plays.

But, thanks mainly to the gentlemen of rock Brandon & Ken, this episode once again clocks in at around two hours. Which makes it fall into an entirely different category, in that maybe the episodes are, in fact, getting a bit too long. Remember, my original plan for this thing was to keep the episodes at around 15-30 minutes! (That plan lasted for about ballpark circa precisely one episode.)

Let me know what you think. ‘Cos right now I’m just flying the length of these things by the seat of my space pants. If it’s two hours long, fuck it, then it’s two hours long. If it’s only 45 minutes or about an hour, then it’s only 45 minutes or an hour. Any preferences out there? Let me know.

Other than that, my thanks especially to the gentlemen of rock, Brandon Blume and Ken Allen, whose contributions sadly are coming to an end — for the time being, anyway — seeing as we’ve exhausted pretty much all we can with regards to Brandon’s metal medley. I’ve got one more surprise for you from Ken Allen coming in the next episode, which I also allude to in the episode itself. And I still have a million questions for Mr. Allen with regards to all the other nifty stuff he’s done for the Space Quest series and the SpaceVenture, so I doubt we’ve heard the last from this particular gentlemen. And I’ll probably find some way to sneak Brandon back in again somehow. But for now … thank you so much, gentlemen, for the hours and hours of fantastic content you’ve given me.

Hope you enjoy this episode. I may be a little rusty after a month’s pause, but we’ll get back in the swing of things. We still have a couple of story arcs to wrap up with Chuck Clusterbluck and Pete Toleman, too. All to come …

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  1. The embedded player and the link on this are both for the subsequent episode.

    1. Thank you. ‘Tis fixed.

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