Episode 11: Fan Fiction Theatre Pt. II

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Download the novels

Read and download the fan novels mentioned in this episode. Also check out the original fan fiction library at Jess’ old Virtual Broomcloset for the original documents. The below downloads are in brand-spanking new-fangled technology PDF format.

Download The Pirates of Pestulon unfinished novel
by Troels Pleimert

Download The Next Mutation unfinished novel
by Troels Pleimert

Download Lone Voyager novel
by Troels Pleimert & Leonard Kramer

This time, we wrap up the Fan Fiction Theatre run-down with the two unfinished novels of SQ3 and SQ5, as well as the last of the finished novels from that golden era of unbridled fandom.

Really, there isn’t a lot to say about this episode. Truth be told, it was kind of a last-minute affair — not that I didn’t put any effort into it, but really, I had all of Joe’s readings and only needed to write my spiel about Dan’s lost SQ2 novel.

Oh — but let’s not forget the inimitable Josh Henry reading his Sierra fan fiction story about the search for The Two Guys From Andromeda. It’s gonna be lots of fun keeping up with that one.

Truth be told, I think I might need to put the podcast on a temporary, short hiatus after the next episode. It’s not that I’m out of ideas, far from it — but I may need some time to regroup, plan ahead and get a bunch of content in the can before proceeding. With the coming episode, that’ll be episode 12 anyway, so we could just call it “season 1” of the podcast. Yes. I think I’ll do that.

So, how long will this hiatus be? Um, I’ll get back to you on that. I said it would be “short.”

So, what kind of content will we be seeing once it returns? Well, for one, Chuck Clusterbluck is long overdue for a comeback. Gareth, Serena and myself have been quietly brainstorming where to take the “Serena as CEO of Priapic Mountain” storyline, and we’ve come up with something I think you’re really going to love. And there’s tons more to talk about soundtrack-wise, such as James Mulvale’s complete re-recording of SQ3, Spikey’s run-down of the secret soundtrack to SQ6, and of course Ken Allen’s now-infamous, as yet unheard, unused soundtrack to SQ5.

I would also love to hear more from the guys who did the AGI fan games — that I, shamefully, haven’t actually completed myself.

Oh, and I miss SteveBot. I think everyone does. Who’d have thought haphazardly cutting together sound bites would create such an endearing character?

So, yup … episode 12 will be the last of season 1 (I’ve now decided to do seasons), but please don’t hesitate to send me ideas — or, even better, audio files — for segments or topics to cover.


  1. Dirk says:

    The download link actually points to episode 12. Could you please have a look?

    1. Troels says:

      Can’t believe it took me this long to figure that out. The link is fixed now. My apologies!

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