Episode 13: Fandom Through The Ages

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Season 2 of the podcast begins now! Sorry it’s taken me so long to put these behind-the-scenes notes on the episode.

Well, the first episode goes right back to the beginning and talks about Space Quest fandom when it started out, which also coincides with the birth of the Internet itself. To that end, I asked my good pal Jess, who has stood by me since those auspicious beginnings, to give me his rundown of the early days of Space Quest fandom.

If anyone out there wants to chime in on their experiences of being a Space Quest fan at the early beginnings, please don’t hesitate to send me your recollections and I’ll put them on the show.

Next, I was very fortunate to coerce James Mulvale into giving me a running commentary on his Space Quest III soundtrack covers which he did for the Infamous Quests remake that, sadly, never materialized. I was also fortunate enough to have the game’s original music producer Mark Seibert record some introductions to these tracks.

And, in what really blew my mind, somehow (well, thanks to The Pope, actually) I managed to get in touch with the original composer, Bob Siebenberg, who very graciously recorded some commentary for some of the pieces. Now, we won’t get to hear Bob on every single episode going down the line, but he will be chiming in on certain occasions to offer his insights.

What else is new on this season? Well, Pete Toleman (played by the inimitable Gareth Millward) is back to let us know what happened since the last season, where his company, Priapic Mountain, was going down the tubes, only to be rescued by the Hero of the Adventure Game Revival, Ms. Serena Nelson. Pete’s none too happy about this, though, but he’s come up with an idea for a game that’ll set the world on fire — or so he thinks. Stay tuned as this saga develops throughout the season.

What’s left to say? Um, not much. Just – I hope you enjoy the new season. It’s pretty much the same drill as the first season, albeit with a bit less swearing (honestly, although I loved the joke, I started finding it really irritating to have to censor swear words, so I’ve been endeavoring to write scripts that swear less — although guests are, of course, still welcome to say whatever the hell they want!).

Oh, and you can now stream the show via Stitcher Radio. Thanks to Twitter dude Duane Beard, aka @rogrwilco (love that handle, by the way), I was quickly educated on the existence (and perks) of having the show on Stitcher, so now you can follow the show there as well! Thanks, Duane. And onwards to episode 2!

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