Episode 14: Episodic vs. Full-Length Games

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It’s time to talk controversy. Well, not as controversial as my past episode on girl gamers, but still a topic that has been met with some contention from adventure game fans. What do you prefer? Episodic or full-length games?

Spurred on by rumors that the SpaceVenture would be released episodically instead of as a full-length game, I try to tackle the pros and cons of both methods of releasing games. But what do you think? I’d love to hear your opinions, so please let me know.

On a much more lighthearted topic, we get another update on the misery of Pete Toleman and his tribulations with Serena Nelson trying to turn his trainwreck of a company into something that’ll actually make money for a change. (Don’t forget, you can follow the legend himself over at his Twitter profile, @petetole!)

We’re also continuing our trip down memory lane with the Space Quest III soundtrack, this time with the Navigation Theme that plays when you’re trying to decide where to go in the Aluminum Mallard. But we’re also diving into the world of musical differences between the varying versions of the game; this time, we’ll also be listening to the Amiga version of the opening theme, as well as having our minds blown with the fact that you can actually play Space Quest III on the PC with digital sound effects!

It turns out that a lot of fans already knew about this, seeing as there’s a patch on the SpaceQuest.net archives that lets you play SQ3 with the digital sound effects intact. But I didn’t know that! So, my thanks to Andrew Branscom, a.k.a. The Collector, for blowing my mind with this information over on the Sierra Chest Facebook group.

Oh, and finally: If you’re enjoying the commercial breaks I’ve been playing throughout the past season and these first two episodes of season 2, how about submitting some of your own? Because, honestly, I’m running out of Roger talking about useless products. Next episode is going to be the last one, in fact. So, if you have an idea for a ridiculous product, please send your advertising spiel to me and be part of this running gag.

And if you actually have something genuine that you would like to plug — like a podcast, or a video series, or a game, or anything you think might be of interest to our listeners — don’t be shy, either.

Right, I hope you enjoy this episode! Next week, we’ll be talking about Good vs. Evil and the trope of the Arch Nemesis. Yes, it’s an episode of evil!

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