Episode 16: Roger As A Hero

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I’m sorry for the episode being a day late; I had a medical situation that turned out to be nothing, quite predictably, but it did involve lying around on the usual release day feeling sorry for myself. But with everything sorted, we’re now ready to throw the lid open on episode 16.

So, Daniel Stacey and I tackle the question: Is Roger Wilco really a hero? And Daniel, bless his heart, didn’t even send me a voice file. He sent me a goddamn video file. So, as a special extra for you, you can now watch Mr. Stacey in all his Australian glory talk about Roger’s deeds:

For the musical interlude, Mark Seibert and James Mulvale work their usual magic of talking us through the Space Quest III soundtrack — this time about the windy planet of Phleebhut. And we get a special return appearance from Ken Allen, whom you might remember from last season, talking about early synthesizers and sound cards. I actually wanted him to talk about doing sound effects for games using MIDI, but this is much better. And we can always have the sound effect talk later.

Not much else to say, except … Hope you enjoy the show.

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