Episode 17: The supporting cast

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The 17th episode concerns those characters that surround Roger. And, yes, truth be told, there weren’t an awful lot of those in the first two or three games. And despite the relatively short number of supporting creatures that were there, I somehow managed to leave out Tiny — you know, Tiny’s Used Spaceships on Kerona? Yeah, everyone loves Tiny! For shame.

As for the games that did have a cast of fleshed-out characters that were on screen for more than two minutes at a time, the crew of the SCS Eureka in SQ5 are certainly those that spring to my mind first. I did ask Mark Crowe, who designed SQ5 at Dynamix in 1993, about the inspiration behind these characters and why Roger suddenly has people around him to talk to after being on his own for so long — and Mark did scramble to get his contribution in before my self-imposed deadline — but, sadly, he just barely missed the … um, mark. Heh. Anyway, not to worry, Mark’s contribution will be in episode 18, so not to worry.

Anyway, the great big centerpiece of this episode is Tom King’s triumphant return as interstellar ace reporter (in his own mind), Chuck Clusterbluck — here with a recap of what’s been going on since last season. He even managed to get the Soylent Green jingle from SQ6 in there!

Again we get to hear from Bob Siebenberg himself as we talk about the World-o-Wonders theme from SQ3, alongside Mark Seibert and James Mulvale. I also get to flex my weak musician’s muscles and play my own version of the tune. I really wish I had more fan renditions of music to play on the show — not just World-o-Wonders, but any music remixes or reworkings, really. So please, if you do have any, send them my way!

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