Episode 18: Retro Fan Games

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Well, this one was a whopper. Little over two hours, in fact! Much of that, of course, is owing to Ken Allen’s fantastic interview with Frank Klepacki (part 1 of 3), which runs at a little over 20 minutes.

But, that aside, the interviews with the three developers are really what’s at the core here. I was incredibly fortunate to get interview responses from all three developers. And, despite my urging that they just use my questions to create their own run-on spiel about their games, they just replied to my questions one by one — which is fine, because it gave me the excuse to invent the “Interview-o-Matic” (which is really just this free online text-to-speech engine set to the “Ray” voice).

Oh, and Vaughn (Vonster D Monster) really went all out with his interview. I loved how he took “personal offense” at my inability to finish his game. Truth be told, at the time I wrote the interviews (this goes for all three interviews, in fact), I hadn’t finished a single one of the fan games. After the interviews were done, I played all the way through Space Quest 0: Replicated and Space Quest -1: Decision of the Elders, but Vonster’s Space Quest: The Lost Chapter crashed on me. And things didn’t fare better when I tried playing it through NAGI. But it’s probably just my computer configuration; I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the game itself, because other people have played it and they seemed to do fine.

And if you’re wondering about Pete’s little intro there — well, occasionally, when Gareth sends me Pete-bits, he sometimes throws in a little extra for me. Usually I put these at the end of the show, but him singing the SQ1 theme with himself was just too good not to throw in as an intro.

Download the fan games – and more

Download Space Quest 0: Replicated here: http://wiw.org/~jess/replicated.html

Watch Professor Jess and the Historian play Space Quest 0: Replicated here: https://storify.com/TorbenFrost/decaffeinated-jedi-and-the-space-quest-historian-p

Download Space Quest: The Lost Chapter here: http://frostbytei.com/space/

Download NAGI, the AGI emulator for Windows here: http://www.agidev.com/projects/nagi/

Download Space Quest -1: Decision of the Elders here: http://www.tonundtext.at/downloads/DOTE.zip

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