Episode 19: Interfaces

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In the red corner, we have that old stalwart veteran: the parser interface!

In the blue corner, we have that upstart newcomer who’s perpetually confused about what he wants to be: the point-and-click interface!

Okay, I tried to be fair to both methods of input, but, really, ever since we came up with point-and-click, it seems like it’s been one endless search to find “the perfect interface,” and never really getting there. As you’ll hear, I’m a fan of the contextual interfaces — and if there’s an optional parser in there, that definitely wouldn’t hurt — but it would seem that listeners of my podcast (at least the dudes who got their mails in for the episode) are strictly on Team Parser. Well, with the exception of Fred, who I know was at least a little tipsy when he recorded his spiel — and I know this because we recorded an episode of Back Seat Designers earlier that evening, and having a beer already.

Not to turn this into an invitation to an intervention or anything, but if I seem to be stumbling over words a bit more than usual in this episode, it’s because I recorded and mixed it after a particularly long day at work, I had to get everything done — recording and mixing — in one sitting, and, yes, I had a brew or two…or three…or four during the recording. But at least it got the energy up, right?

By the way, Gareth threw a couple of really funny outtakes my way — one of them made it into the post-end-credits sequence (“the penis is just a penis”). Another one is a rare one where Gareth actually cracks up because he accidentally calls me a “cunt.” I wish I could’ve put that one on the episode, but — you know, standards and practices. I loved his droning Russian Let’s Player voice, though; I hope that guy makes a reappearance.

And, no joke, James Mulvale really was off painting his new house, so there’s no SQ3 music this time around. But we’ll be back in swing next episode. We’ve only got three tracks left, and we do plan on going out with a bang. Or at least a forceful whimper.

See you fine lads on the chronostream!

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