Episode 20: Bea Vs. Stellar

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Whoo-ee, we’ve had some fun with this topic in the past. Roger’s foretold destiny to end up with Beatrice Wankmeister, his wife and future mother of Roger Jr., and the sudden introduction of Stellar Santiago in Space Quest 6. What was up with all that? Well, thankfully, the always delightful and helpful Josh Mandel (original designer and writer of SQ6) stepped up to answer most, if not all, of the questions that have been nagging us fans about Stellar’s role in SQ6. And I already had Mark Crowe on file from the supporting cast episode talking about Beatrice’s role in SQ5, so … all that’s left is my own opinion and–

Whoa, wait. At the very last minute, Jason “Skyefyre” got his two cents in. The dude wrote on Twitter as early as when the episode was announced, close to two weeks before release, and said that he had some opinions but he wasn’t sure if he wanted to share them – given that they might be slightly, um, incendiary. At the very last minute, he apparently talked himself into it, and managed to get his bit in (forcing me to rerecord a tiny bit of the show where I said that “no one chimed in – apparently, it was just too controversial a topic”, but hey, I love listener emails, so I was glad to include it).

Likewise, both Chris Ushko’s bit about Space Quest: Incinerations and James Mulvale’s bit about his “Arnoid Funk” theme came in very late, but not because they had to convince themselves to appear. In both cases, I actually bear the blame for stressing these poor gents out with getting their stuff in. Chris’ bit was literally a last-minute brain fart on my part as I was writing the script on Monday (the episode came out Thursday), so he had practically no time to elucidate on what really is a complicated subject: How he treated the “love-triangle” between Stellar, Beatrice and Roger in his game. I’m really thankful he managed to get something in at all.

(And he even submitted it by video! Here, look!)

For James’ bit, I usually remind him about what tune is coming up, and he then records his commentary in time for the show. (In contrast, Mark Seibert’s bits were recorded way in advance in one go, before the season even started.) And, alas for the poor man, I’m usually very late in reminding him — sometimes only a day or two before I start writing the script and recording. This time, I was so late, it again was a minor miracle that he got anything in. Again, it was a Monday thing of writing the script and going, “Fuck, James isn’t in here!” and hurriedly writing the man, apologizing profusely, and asking if he would have time to get it in, like, yesterday. And, owing to the man’s incredible talents for time travel, he did.

So, my apologies to both Chris and James, and also great big thanks for sacrificing their time to be on the show!

As for Pete Toleman and his ongoing quest to ruin everything that’s good and true — this is probably, I think, Gareth’s finest hour on the show. I was pissing myself laughing when I heard his rendition of Sinead O’Connor. Stick around after the “end credits” for an outtake from that, er, ‘performance.’

And just for shits and giggles, here’s an outtake of Pete singing a completely different song.


  1. Father Beast says:

    I recently heard your rant on the eighth episode of the point and click times concerning mazes in adventure games. I feel your pain, although that rant is hilarious and I am going to clip it out and play it for myself should I ever get depressed.

    Most mazes in adventure games are ridiculously tedious, unless you have done the part of the adventure that has a guide through it. In The Secret Of Monkey Island, the game won’t even let you enter the dark forest before you get the secret directions to the treasure. Later on in the game, I suppose it is possible to map the forest enough to find the way to Carla’s house, but I’ve never done it. I just followed the old guy.

    Yes, some of these games you describe are a bit absurd in the way they handle their mazes, but I remember one of the worst examples. It was in Zork, the text adventure from way back. The maze rooms all were described identically, so you would have to drop inventory items in each room to be able to tell one from another. But the thief in the game would come along and take some of your items, undoing your hard work, and worse, he would sometimes drop an item he had found elsewhere in the maze. It was quite maddening.

    Anyway, I hope to hear more of your rants on the point and click times. That was fun.

    Father Beast

  2. Troels says:

    Hello, Padre! Thanks for the comment.

    Yeah, I recorded five or six rants for the Point & Click Times podcast. So Some Guy is still sitting on at least a couple more. 😉

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