Episode 21: Death In Space

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Yeah, I know, it’s technically Halloween now – so, while the show itself states that it’s Halloween tomorrow, it really is today. But it was “tomorrow” when I handed it in for release! So it goes.

I haven’t got much to add to this show, actually. Jeysie and Broomie handed in some great content, and Alan Luckachina went off on such a delightful tangent that I pulled out an old piece of music I had done with my buddy Arnt a long time ago and cut it into a theme for him. Actually, the theme is quite slow and tranquil, and Alan just comes out of the gate at 200 mph, talking almost as fast as Professor Jess – which kind of gives it a weird, off-putting quality. I actually don’t know if this will really become a regular segment in the future (so I kind of forego giving it an actual name), but Alan said he had more for me in the future, so I’m going to trust him on that.

This is really a guest-heavy show, with Pope also delivering exclusive news of a new SpaceVenture character and the usual mayhem from Mulvale and Josh Henry, so I haven’t really got much to add that isn’t already in the show. Okay, so it’s not like I get very far around the topic of death in games, but I really meant this episode as more of a celebration of death-hunting in Space Quest, and not a treatise on death in games. Anyway, Jeysie takes pretty good care of that angle, anyway.

So, I’m off to enjoy my Halloween and you should be, too — right after you listen to this, of course.

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