Episode 22: Toleman Awakens

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Recently I was struck by a series of rather unfortunate incidents, one of which involved the untimely demise of the laptop I was using to record and mix the show. As I was reeling from that, Gareth Millward — who plays Pete Toleman — stepped up to the plate and put together this episode featuring Professor Jess, Frederik Olsen, Brandon Blume, Alan Luckachina and Chris Pope in a very short amount of time. It was really a heartwarming gesture and I want to thank these individuals for keeping the show alive and being such funny individuals while I was sorting my life out in the dark interim.

Gareth even went so far as to put this episode together and send it off to The Pope for release without showing me its contents first, so as to not ruin the surprise. He did tell me he was doing it, but the actual contents of the show were as much a mystery to me as it was to the rest of the world until its release.

I am still without a functioning laptop, which does put the show’s schedule on a temporary, involuntary hold. So please bear with me and enjoy this special episode that showcases the talents of the people who regularly contribute to the show.

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