Episode 23: Hard Puzzles (Xmas Special)

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Just in time for your 2014 Holiday cheers, here’s the special season finale of The Space Quest Historian Season 2. As I have already bored you with before, I have had some technical issues in the past (dead computer, basically), so this episode was kind of a seat-of-my-pants affair. I had an audio bit lying around from before the computer crash of Serena talking about death in adventure games. And Ken Allen was nice enough to send me a spiel he put together about audio devices that went nowhere.

I really do feel bad for Gareth, though, because he had also sent me one of his Pete rants, and it didn’t make it into the episode. Frankly, I forgot. Which is really bad form on my part. So, muchos sorry, Gareth! I did post his final words on the SpaceQuest.net Tumblr, but it really was supposed to have been in the episode, and I’m an idiot for not including it, so … sorry, “Mr. Toleman.”

Other than that, well — The Pope squeezed one of his updates into the show just minutes before posting it, so I wasn’t able to properly include it in the show’s mixing. But it was very nice of him to give us an update.

So, thanks everyone for tuning in to season 2! Thanks to everyone who made this show possible, and I hope to see you again in 2015 for season 3!

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