What’s going on? Where have you been? What year is this?

If you were following this website or this show back in the days when it was still a viable, living thing, but you never thought to check if I were active anywhere else online, you’re probably wondering what’s going on. Or maybe not, but that’s hardly an excuse not to tell you anyway.

So sit back and let me tell you what’s up.

Introducing a new show, #SQHPlays

Aaand we’re back to YouTube again. No, the “Space Quest Historian” show hasn’t been resurrected as a YouTube series. (That would be redundant, wouldn’t it?) It’s something far worse.

It’s a Let’s Play series. Yes, one of those things. Where someone plays a game while his/her face mugs for the camera in a thumbnail in the corner of the screen. In my defense, I never claimed I had any originality.

» Check out my YouTube channel and subscribe to #SQHPlays

What games have you played, then?

Well, go have a look. So far, I’ve played all the way through The Charnel House Trilogy, Normality, and Actual Sunlight.

Whenever I complete a playthrough, I’ll post the whole playlist under the Extras menu. Until then, you’ll see new episodes appear regularly in this here timeline, as well as …

What other spurts of nonsense from that vacuous pruny mush of a brain of yours are you going to post?

Well, if I should happen to appear in any other form of context in this Historian-y persona of mine, I’ll probably throw a mention of it here, too. Like, if I should end up guest participating in other podcasts, or who knows. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, I usually enjoy doing it.

What about the Space Quest Historian Podcast?

The podcast is still on hiatus, as I am keeping myself busy with other projects. (Also of note here is the Back Seat Designers podcast I co-host with Frederik Olsen, and our spin-off “gameshow” Open Crowd Source.)

Unfortunately, I can’t say when this show will return for its third season. I’m not saying it never will — in fact, it most certainly will — but right now I’m taking a breather and focusing on other things.

Fortunately, those things are also very nerdy and adventure game related, so I’m sure you won’t be bored.

That’s why I have expanded this site to focus both on the podcast of yore, but also my current activities as The Space Quest Historian.

You’re no fun. I’m never speaking to you again.

That’s fine; I can certainly see why you’d feel that way. (Well, actually I can’t, but you’re clearly mentally unstable and it’d be a mistake on my part to aggravate you further.)

You would probably do well to stay away from the following outlets as well:

Well, I’ll do my best to keep you updated in the future. ‘Til next time, see you around the chronostream!

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