Game Of The MotherFucking Year: Fran Bow

Game of the MotherFucking Year: Fran Bow

I’m not much for favoritism, but it’s the end of the year and everyone seems to be doing it. Including IGN, who released their nominees for “Best Adventure Game of 2015” today.

Conspicuously absent from the list are several notable games that probably didn’t make the cut because a) they weren’t developed by Telltale Games, and b) they didn’t look like a Telltale game.

For instance, you would expect to find something like Dropsy the Clown, Stasis, Life Is Strange, or even good ol’ Bulb Boy on the list. These are all games that came out in 2015 and deserve recognition for being excellent story-driven games.

And as good as those games are, there’s still a game that came out this year that I feel is deserving of as much praise as you can possibly heap on it. Which wasn’t on IGN’s list, either.

That game, my friends, is my Game Of The MotherFucking Year.

Game of the MotherFucking Year: Fran Bow
Fran Bow – you’re a winner.

Yes, I’m giving it my own award. Why? Well, fucking look at it:

They are dead
Come for the cheerful atmosphere, stay for the splendid dementia.

This game by husband-and-wife team Killmonday Games is wonderful, quirky, sick, demented, twisted, and delightful — all in one glorious, high-resolution package.

I’ve already gushed hard about its ability to balance the twisted with a heartfelt story, so I won’t reiterate that again. Well, okay, maybe a little:

I absolutely love it when games throw weird shit at you that aren’t just for weird shit’s sake. A lot of the stuff in Fran Bow is absolutely batshit weird. But the deeper you delve into the story and the further you progress, the more it makes sense, especially retrospectively. […] In the end, it doesn’t matter if any of it was real. It was real to Fran, and it was real to us as we played along with her. And if the entire story truly just was one gigantic, catastrophic, brain-melting psychosis, then I’ve never seen one more colorful or delightful.

Also, can I have my cat back?

Enough said. It’s a game that sticks with you, has many memorable scenes, a plethora of memorable characters, and a story that’s both enticing, repulsive, alluring, and beautiful, all in one go.

Fran Bow is the first ever recipient of my Game Of The MotherFucking Year Award. Congratulations, Fran! Oh, and Killmonday. I guess you’ve earned some of the praise as well.

Eat shit, IGN.

7 responses to “Game Of The MotherFucking Year: Fran Bow”

  1. Yes, oh yes!

  2. Hey Troels, I didn’t realize that you knew this game. I first got it when it first came out and love it.

    1. Oh, yes. I’d been watching it kind of peripherally before it came out, ‘cos I was fascinated with the mix of “cutesy” children’s coloring book style with the gory, haunting, ghostly imagery. When it came out, I bought it … and then I watched a Let’s Play of it instead of actually playing it myself. That didn’t matter much, though, because even watching someone else play it had me entranced from beginning to end.

      1. I had really promoted it in several of the Facebook adventure groups. About the only one that I knew that tried the game was Serena, who really liked the game, too. I agree, it was the mixture that drew me to it as well. It is a macabre game with the feel of of a delightful combination of Tim Burton, Edward Gorey, Frank Baum and Lewis Carroll.

  3. […] no secret that I love Fran Bow. So this is not so much a review of the game itself as, again, a review of what’s been done […]

  4. This game is absolutely the mother fucking game of the year for sure

  5. […] year, I threw a bunch of praise at Fran Bow and called it my “game of the motherfucking year.” I wasn’t intending to start a […]

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