List of guests coming up on season 3 of the SQH Podcast

I’m nearing the end of my interview cycle for season 3 of the Space Quest Historian Podcast. I have been very fortunate to be able to subject my incoherent ramblings at some very swell and talented people, and I want to deeply thank (and also offer condolences) to these people who will now forever have their reputation ruined — or at least noticeably diminished — from being on my show.

I’ve still got four interviews left to go, and then a very special season finale, which I’ll tell you about in just a tick.

For now, I can unveil the full roster of interviews that you can look forward to in season 3:

Jay Tholen – “Dropsy the Clown”

Dropsy the huggable clown

Jay and I have a chat about open-world adventure gaming, being nice instead of being a jerk, and pixel art animation.

Liviu Boar – “Gibbous: A Cthulhu Adventure”

Gibbous: A Cthulhu Adventure

Li and I talk about mixing humor and horror, breaking the fourth wall, and being awesome at animation.

James Dearden – “Technobabylon”


We gush over our favorite cyberpunk influences, where technology is going, and talk about game design — open worlds vs. closed off areas.

Natalia Figueroa & Isak Martinsson – “Fran Bow”

Fran Bow

Natalia and Isak let me know what type of game they think Fran Bow is, what their favorite horror influences are (turns out, same as mine!), and Isak talks about the music he wrote for the game — something apparently no one has ever asked him about before.

Dave McCabe, Tracey McCabe & Paul Conway – “Darkside Detective”

Darkside Detective

Writer, programmer and artist (respectively) of Darkside Detective take time out to have a riotous discussion about having fun in adventure games, casual and mobile gaming, and, of course, The X-Files.

Fabrice Breton – “Demetrios: The BIG Cynical Adventure”


Fabrice lets me know how to write good humor despite language barriers, his approach to making a first-person adventure game without having it turn into Myst, and what the hell a “cowcat” is.

William Barr – “Her Majesty’s SPIFFING”

Her Majesty's SPIFFING

Haven’t actually conducted this interview yet, but I imagine we’ll talk about space and comedy. You know, two things wholly unfamiliar to Space Quest fans.

Agustín Cordes – “Scratches”, “Serena”, “Asylum”

Agustín Cordes

Agustín’s my go-to guy when it comes to good horror, so I imagine we’ll do a lot of talking about that, and how to make good horror work in an adventure game setting. And also node-based/first-person games. And why he’s so damn sexy.

Richard Cobbett – professional games journalist

Richard Cobbett

I had an absolute marathon of a conversation with Richard Cobbett, who is truly a walking encyclopedia of adventure game knowledge. We talked about everything from unfair deaths, unwinnable situations and world timers to the importance of going to the loo before embarking on such a marathon of a conversation.

Robert Menes – “Nostalgia Roadtrip” podcast

Robert Menes

In two days time (this coming Sunday), I’ll have a chat with Robert Menes, the one-half of the incredibly fast-talking nostalgic duo over on the Nostalgia Roadtrip podcast. I’ve had one before (that I actually did record, but not for any podcast and not with any intent of publishing), and I know I’m in for a wild ride.

Dave Gilbert – Wadjet Eye Games

Dave Gilbert

Yes, rounding out our guest roster with aplomb, it’s none other than head honcho and mastermind of the dark arts, Dave Gilbert of Wadjet Eye Games himself.

In an embarrassing turn of events, I thought I had invited him to be on the show and just thought he was too busy to respond, but it turns out I had actually never sent said invitation because I was too chickenshit.

When Dave got wind of me unintentionally badmouthing him behind his back, he graciously accepted my invitation, and the rest will hopefully go down in history as something truly spectacular that kids of all ages can enjoy!

Season finale: The Podcast Circle Jerk

So, that’s 11 interviews, but I’ve got 12 episodes planned. And yes, the 12th episode is going to be something truly spectacular — if you like meta, that is.

For the season finale, I have invited all my fellow “adventure game podcast friends” (yes, there is such a thing!) to join me in a chaotic roundtable chat about why they make podcasts, how they do it, and why they– wait, I already said that.

Joining me will be:
Francisco Gonzalez & Ben Chandler – “Blue Cup Tools”
Joe Mastroianni – “Upper Memory Block”
Brian & Bianca Devins – “Square Waves FM”
Frederik Olsen & Gareth Millward – “Back Seat Designers”

And appearing in pre-recorded form will also be Anatoly Shashkin of the “DOS Nostalgia” podcast.

What about the recurring characters from previous shows?


And so is SteveBot.

Plus, CyberCedric might make his first appearance in vocal form as a new recurring character. And Serena Nelson is in on the fun, too.

And, on the non-fictional-side of things, my good friend Jess Morrissette (Roger Wilco’s Virtual Broomcloset; first-ever game fansite ever!) sat down with me to run down “our top 12 memories in and around Space Quest“.

RIGHT! THAT’S IT! Still haven’t got a scheduled launch date, but I’m getting my shit together and, once all the interviews are done, I’ll have a final schedule for you to gawk at.

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