SQH Podcast Season 3 Announcement

Yes, janitors and janitorettes, it’s official now: The 3rd season of the Space Quest Historian Podcast will debut on Wednesday, April 13, 2016.

Please view the following announcement if you don’t believe me:

We’ll be kicking off the show with a plethora of awe-inspiring content, such as:

  • Serena Nelson’s top 12 tips for a successful adventure game Kickstarter
  • The memoirs of Pete Toleman, mastermind of Priapic Mountain Games
  • The return of SteveBot — and something altogether more evil
  • Jess Morrissette and I counting down our favorite memories of the Space Quest community, though not in any particular order
  • An interview with James Dearden, creator of Technobabylon

Please tune in for this extravaganza of nonsense entertainment. You can subscribe here via RSS, or subscribe with your iPhone-ish device.

See you in a week and a half!

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