Episode 24: CyberShenanigans

The podcast returns! It’s been over a year since the last season of the Space Quest Historian Podcast, so we kick things off by catching up on recent events, and also checking to see if everything works around the ol’ magic studio.

Also on the show: Jess “DecafJedi” Morrissette and I talk about the time the first Space Quest fan game, The Lost Chapter, came out. Serena Nelson gives us her first tip on how to become a crowdfunding champion. Pete Toleman, uh, has something to say — about himself, as always. And, finally, I have a chat with James Dearden, creator of Technobabylon, about cyberspace and the evolution of humanity — you know, lighthearted stuff.

As James says at the end of the interview (spoiler alert), please buy Technobabylon on Steam or GOG.com — and follow this cultivated man’s exploits on Twitter: @TechnocratGames.

You can listen to the whole thing here:

Or download it here.

If you feel like listening to the full, unedited hour-long interview with James, you can do so over at mixcloud.com/spacequesthistorian — or right here:

Yes, I do manage to say I don’t know what epilepsy is during the full interview — truth is, I didn’t hear what James said (I thought he said “apoplepsy,” which is something entirely different and much more troubling!). But the upshot of that mistake was that I got to learn more about epilepsy, so that’s always good.

Oh, and if you’re wondering about that remark about “dancing” … well, um …

Yeah. This was James’ animation test for potentially using Unity 3D for his next game. James is a peculiar person. (And yet such a lovely, lovely man!)

Update: Now you can also listen to the first part of Pete Toleman’s memoirs, “How I Invented Grunge,” in its complete, uncensored, and very NSFW version.

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