Episode 25: Fourth Wall Demolition

Just when you thought your Wetness Day was safe, boom! A wild Space Quest Historian Podcast episode appears!

Join me on a ghoulish, tentacle-filled nightmare as I listen to more of Pete Toleman’s ramblings (seriously, what’s wrong with you? I asked if you wanted to hear more from him, and your response was, YES?) … and CyberCedric also makes my life miserable. Fucker’s started his own website. What in god’s name already.

Also, on the slightly more serious side of things, we have a special guest — mr. Liviu Boar of Stuck In Attic Games, creators of the in-its-final-throes-of-Kickstarter-dom Gibbous: A Cthulhu Adventure — which you can go support here!

Plus more crowdfunding tips from Serena Nelson, and the first of a ten-part roundtable discussion on game music with legendary heavy-weights Brandon Blume (Himalaya Studios), James Mulvale (IQ Adventures), and Ken Allen (he wrote the friggin’ “Format Countdown”!).

Listen with your ear things here:

Or download that sucka. Or just go here to subscribe with both your iTunes, your RSS or your other things. It’s also on Stitcher, whatever that is.

You can listen to the full, unedited interview with Li Boar on Mixcloud:

Also, if, for some reason, you want to listen to Pete Toleman’s rant with all the naughty bits intact, you can listen to it uncensored and NSFW here.

Also of note:

And, lastly, the show is also on YouTube, so if you prefer to watch a static screen while listening to the show, you can now do so:

Hope to see– er, hear– er, well, have you hear me May 11th where my special guest is Fabrice Breton, creator of Demitrios: The BIG Cynical Adventure.

Pssst! Support my ass on Patreon! I know I say you don’t have to, but I’m going to keep reminding you nonetheless.

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