AdventureJam 2016: Games I were involved in

AdventureJam 2016 is over, and I was involved in a grand whopping total of three of the entries. I have one game in the jam that’s (very nearly almost) purely my own (Were We Ever?), one game that I did a (very small) bit of writing for (Stair Quest), and one game that I shot the background photos for (Ærinde).

For this jam, Shaun Aitcheson (of Cloak & Dagger Games) and I had a fun idea: We would each take photographs of our own neck of the woods, then send those photograhps to each other, and try to make games out of the other person’s photos.

For Stair Quest, I basically took a swipe at a spreadsheet full of verbs and nouns, and then Gareth (and probably Jess and Fred, although they didn’t credit themselves) filled in the rest. Oh, and …

So there.

Anyway, I made a little video showcasing these three games. Here you go! Now, please, go and vote for these and the 161 other cool games in the jam!

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  1. Danielle says:

    Thanks for this blog ppost

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