Games that deserve more attention

Things have been quite extraordinarily quiet around here lately. Still haven’t got a working charger for my laptop.

I did, however, manage to weasel my way onto another Upper Memory Block Hangout (having borrowed my wife’s laptop) to talk about “diamonds in the rough” — that is, games that we feel deserved more attention than they got when they came out …

… and also some that didn’t deserve the attention they got.

Do piss off.
Do piss off.

Watch in awe as the light slowly dims around me to the point where I’m just a floating head in the darkness, and listen to Tomer, Brian, Joe and myself talk about games — games! — more games!

You can also download the audio version, if that’s more your thing.

And, of course, I do implore you to go listen and subscribe to Joe’s show, because it’s really fantastic.

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