Episode 27: The Linear Open World

I had an unintentional break due to some technical difficulties (it’s hard to record and mix a podcast when your laptop can’t charge), but it’s all over now! I’m back and ready to cause stuff to happen in your hears, and hopefully your hearts and minds as well. (Let me know if any other parts of your body are affected.)

This episode features an interview with Dropsy the Clown creator Jay Tholen, more crowdfunding tips from Serena Nelson, more introductive music talk with the musical triumvirate Brandon, James and Ken — and some rather disturbing stuff from Pete Toleman and CyberCedric, as per usual.

Update: I mention some things in the episode that I would link to in the show notes, and, of course, I completely forgot to do so the first time around. So here they are:

Hope I didn’t forget anything. Anyway …

It’s all available for listening right here:

Or downloading right here.

Or the usual subscribing right here (iTunes and RSS feeds there), and also whatever Stitcher Radio is.

And of course Pete’s ramblings are available uncensored and very NFSW here!

Not to mention the full, over-an-hour-long interview with Jay Tholen over on Mixcloud.com:

Lastly, there’s a YouTube version for anyone who’s into that sort of thing:

Remember, if you enjoyed it, there’s always an opportunity to show your support with your wallet — I’m not saying you have to, but it would be very, very nice of you. (Or you could just, y’know, listen to it and be entertained. That’s pretty cool, too.)


  1. Ken Betts says:

    Oh, THANK THE JANITOR GODS! That was a painful wait. I neeeeeed my SQH podcast. I NEEEED it! Stay healthy SQH, the world needs — well, the gaming world — um, the adventure gaming world needs you!

    1. Troels says:

      Wow. Thanks, Ken! I really appreciate that!

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