Episode 28: The Horror Unfolds

It’s a deceptively quiet time around the SQH headquarters. Which is good, because then we have time to listen in to:

  • Serena Nelson’s crowdfunding tips on good communication
  • Jess “DecafJedi” Morrissette’s recollections of the earliest days of Space Quest fandom
  • Pete Toleman’s recollections about how gay heavy metal is

Not to mention tonight’s grand interview segment with none other than Natalia Figueroa and Isak Martinsson of Killmonday Games, creator of Fran Bow.

And, then … well … You’ll see.

Listen to the whole shebang here:

Or just download it here. And, if you like it, subscribe with iTunes or subscribe with Android/RSS or even subscribe with Stitcher, whatever the hell that is.

You can also watch the episode on YouTube, if that’s your thing:

You can also listen to the full, unedited interview with Natalia Figureoa and Isak Martinsson of here:

Oh, and there is, of course, the completely NSFW, uncensored bit with Pete Toleman … it’s over here … I don’t recommend it.

That. Is. It! I hope we’ll see each other again in two week’s time, ‘cos I’m heading down to the goddamn shelter. BEWARE THE OWL!

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