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SQH Reviews: Inherit the Earth

Thanks to the benevolence of the Patreon backers, I now present to you the first ever SQH Reviews — a.k.a. “Save Game Theatre.”

This is a new video series where I take a detailed look at a game I have already completed (unlike my Let’s Play series, where I play games I haven’t).

And since I assume you’re like me and primarily watch YouTube reviews of games that you have already completed, I run through the entire story and spoil the shit out of it.

Let me reiterate that so there’s no confusion: This review has spoilers! Like, a lot of ’em.

And if you don’t want to watch the entire video to find out what my thoughts on Inherit the Earth are, here’s the short version: It’s a good game, but it was rushed and there are some parts of it that make absolutely no goddamn sense (hello, dog maze!).

By Space Quest Historian

Hi, I'm the Space Quest Historian, and I also manage this blog. When I'm not talking out of my ass, I do Let's Plays, podcasts and hang around on Twitter all day.

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