SQH Reviews: Inherit the Earth

Thanks to the benevolence of the Patreon backers, I now present to you the first ever SQH Reviews — a.k.a. “Save Game Theatre.”

This is a new video series where I take a detailed look at a game I have already completed (unlike my Let’s Play series, where I play games I haven’t).

And since I assume you’re like me and primarily watch YouTube reviews of games that you have already completed, I run through the entire story and spoil the shit out of it.

Let me reiterate that so there’s no confusion: This review has spoilers! Like, a lot of ’em.

And if you don’t want to watch the entire video to find out what my thoughts on Inherit the Earth are, here’s the short version: It’s a good game, but it was rushed and there are some parts of it that make absolutely no goddamn sense (hello, dog maze!).

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