Episode 29: Tale of the Foe

Holy crackerjacks, you guys. This is one for the books. At the very last minute, the inimitable Josh Mandel steps in to reprise his epic performance as King Graham from King’s Quest V to tell the origin story of CyberCedric in a script written by everybody’s favorite Cedric impersonator himself, Frederik Olsen. And it’s all here for your listening pleasure.

Yup, Fred wrote most of this episode — more specifically, all the bits where King Graham and I talk — and I think it’s probably the funniest this show has ever been, if I do say so myself. (My sole contribution, if I recall correctly, was that he include cannibalism jokes, which just goes to prove I can bring even stellar prose down below belt level.)

And at very, very short notice — in fact, just two days before the episode was set to come out — I finally remembered I hadn’t actually asked Mr. Mandel if he could do it yet, and to my astonishment and relief, he said yes. In fact, he said he had a good time, which just goes to prove that Josh is a fantastic guy who can elevate stellar prose about cannibalism way above stratospheric levels.

Okay, enough gushing. I know you just want to hear the damn thing. The content roll-call is, as always:

  • More great crowdfunding tips from Serena Nelson.
  • A continuation of my music talk with Ken Allen, Brandon Blume and James Mulvale.
  • A run-down (with a semi) of the Space Quest remakes by Pete Toleman (including another stellar guest performance by his announcer, Joe Cassara).

As well as, of course, an interview with three rambunctious Irish people — the creators of Darkside Detective: Tracey McCabe, Dave McCabe and Paul Conway. Do go check out Darkside Detective; it looks every bit as good as I make it out to.

It’s all right here:

Or you can download the episode. And, if you like it, subscribe with iTunes or subscribe with Android/RSS or even subscribe with Stitcher, which I believe is a Native American word that means ‘car stereo.’

You can also watch it on YouTube, if that’s your thing:

The interview with Dave, Tracey and Paul is also very good, if, again, you should press me to say so myself — mostly because these were extraordinarily nice people, and the Irish know how to have a good time. You can listen to the full, unedited interview on Mixcloud, where you will probably notice that I kept in all the times where I mistakenly said they were from Scotland. They were very nice not to point that out to me during the interview.

And, last but not least, there is, of course, the fully uncensored rant from both Pete and Joe the Announcer over on my Tumblr blog (as always, very NSFW).

I don’t mind telling you, this is probably both the most fun and the most goddamn editing I’ve ever had to do on an episode (editing dialogue together that was recorded separately and making it sound like an actual conversation is hard), so I hope you enjoy it.

Oh, and thanks to Eji over at DeviantArt for the outline of Graham you see in the thumbnail there … even though I didn’t ask, and that probably wasn’t very nice of me. I was in a rush. Sorry.

Don’t forget to throw me a bone on Patreon if you like what you hear. And I will see you next Wetness Day!

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