Episode 30: What Comes Around Goes Around Comes Around

It’s been two weeks since the epic war between the Danish military forces and CyberCedric’s unholy minions, and it seems that whatever King Graham had up his sleeve worked. At least, it’s been two weeks now with no word from him, so … yeah.

This episode wraps up the “CyberCedric wants to invade everything” storyline, and features once again the voice talent of the REAL O.G. (Original Graham), Mr. Josh Mandel. It also has a cameo from Mr. Ken Allen whom you might not know also had a voice part in King’s Quest V, and he reprises that for this show’s finale.

Don’t worry, though; we haven’t heard the last from CyberCedric this season. We just wrapped up his story arc.

We do, however, miss out on Pete Toleman’s memoirs in this episode. I explain in the episode that I must’ve lost the tapes in my washroom bunker from the previous episode, but the real reason is that Gareth had an unforeseen funeral to attend (aren’t they always unforeseen?). I assure you, Pete will be back in the next episode.

This also means that we will have an extra surplus Pete bit, because we had 12 bits planned, and there are 12 episodes. So the final bit will probably come out as an extra on my YouTube channel.

Anyway, this is getting quite long-winded, so let me just say that, once again, Frederik Olsen not only brought his writing chops to the finale (which I sadly had to edit a bit for time; you can read the original script here, if you wish), but he also nearly put his voice on the line trying to sing “Girl in the Tower” in a screeching falsetto at the end.

Right, what’s on the programme tonight, then?

  • More crowdfunding tips from Serena Nelson.
  • A look back with Jess “DecafJedi” Morrissette at the tumultuous time when it looked like we were getting a Space Quest 7.

And, of course, our special interview guest: William Barr of BillyGoat Entertainment, developers of Her Majesty’s SPIFFING.

Check out the whole episode here:

And, of course, subscribe on iTunes, Android, and whatever the hell Stitcher Radio is.

You can also watch the full episode on YouTube, if that’s your thing:

You can listen to the full, unedited interview with Mr. Barr over on Mixcloud, but be warned that there is a lot of cut-outs. I had to stitch together about 7 different mp3’s for this one, but I left in all the cuts and blanks and “hello, are you there?”, because otherwise it wouldn’t be very un-cut, would it?

Well, that is it! Tune in next time for more shenanigans — and the triumphant return of the prince of twats, Pete Toleman — next Wetness Day (two weeks from today!).

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