Episode 31: The Song of My People

It’s Wetness Day once again, and that means more podcast fun! There’s some news about the Space Quest Historian Adventure Game, and some sad news about our friends over at Infamous Quests (creators of Quest for Infamy and Order of the Thorne).

Tonight’s special guest interview is a bit of a break from tradition — instead of a game developer, we have a fellow podcaster and adventure game fan, Mr. Robert Menes of the Nostalgia Roadtrip podcast. We talk about our favorite adventure games and have a great laugh.

Oh, and CyberCedric goes on a search to refine his cultural palette and ends up discovering Norwegian black metal.

What else we got?

  • More crowdfunding tips from Serena Nelson.
  • More music talk with Ken Allen, Brandon Blume and James Mulvale.
  • And, yes, the triumphant return of Pete Toleman!

Listen to the whole episode here:

Or just download the mp3 here.

And, of course, subscribe on iTunes, Android, and whatever black magic of the unspeakable Stitcher Radio is.

You can also check out the episode on YouTube, if that floats your boat:

And I really recommend you check out the full, unedited interview with Robert, if only to hear me completely mess up and get the two Tex Murphy games Overseer and Tesla Effect mixed up:

There is, of course, also Pete Toleman’s uncensored bit over on Tumblr (swearing intact, so NSFW, of course).

See you next Wednesday!

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