Episode 32: Genesis of an Exodus

This blog post is a day late, and there’s a reason for that. I almost had to delay the entire episode for a day because I was missing a critical part of the show. I had the entire episode edited except for that bit, and it stayed in this 90% finished state for most of Wetness Day — right until the day was almost over.

So I scrambled to put the rest of it together, and was done with two minutes to spare until midnight. But I figured that was okay, since midnight my time is still middle-of-the-day-ish on U.S. soil, so it would technically still come out on a Wednesday.

Another thing you might notice is the noticeably poorer audio quality whenever I speak. I had recorded the entire episode and didn’t discover until I listened back to it that there was an annoyingly loud hiss underneath the entire thing. I gated it as best I could, but it is sadly a bit noticeable when you listen with headphones. I know I should’ve been professional and re-recorded it, but I was already fretting about not making it in time, and I decided I couldn’t be arsed. My apologies.

Anyway! Time to bring the thunder! In this episode, we have:

  • More crowdfunding tips from Serena Nelson!
  • Another trip down memory lane with Dr. Jess Morrissette — did you know how hard it was to find Space Quest games in the late 90’s/early 00’s?
  • A word in edgewise from Pete Toleman, his narrator, and — for the first time — his producer.
  • An interview with Agustín Cordes of Senscape, creator of Scratches, Serena and the upcoming Asylum.

Special thanks to my good friend Haje Jan Kamps for being “Special Norwegian Consultant” on this show. I asked him for help with a suitably silly-sounding black metal band name in Norwegian (“Fjørfjølsfimbul”), and also to suggest a real place in Norway that’s absurdly remote. Do go look up Nuvsvåg on Google Maps — it’s every bit as weird as the episode makes it out to be.

Listen to the episode here:

Or download it here. And, of course, subscribe on iTunes, Android, and whatever ungodly instrument of destruction Stitcher Radio is.

You can also watch it on YouTube, if that gets your juices flowing:

Here’s the full, unedited interview with Agustín Cordes over on Mixcloud — do check it out; there’s a ton more good stuff in there that I had to edit out of the episode. Yes, about Space Quest as well. We talked a lot about Space Quest.

And, of course, what episode would be complete without Pete Toleman’s uncensored, NSFW rant? Even his announcer, Joe Cassara, drops an F-bomb this time!

Well, tune in next Wetness Day for more shenanigans!

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