SQH Reviews: Day of the Tentacle

The second ever video review of a game I have already played and intend to spoil the living shit out of for your viewing pleasure is here:

It’s LucasArts’ celebrated classic (and the first game I ever bought on CD-ROM, back when my pubes had barely grown in): Day of the Tentacle.

Recently re-released in a fancy Remastered edition by Double Fine, it is still every bit as spectacularly funny and brilliantly designed as it ever was. And, yup, I just spoiled my own spoiler-packed review for you there. So I really just saved you 30 minutes!

If you insist on watching it anyway, you can do so here:

(As a side note, yes, I realize one of my Patreon goals was to do these sort of reviews once a month. I clearly underestimated how long these things take to make. My patrons have been very understanding so far, but I really wish I hadn’t said “monthly.”)

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