Episode 34: Orbiting the Adventure Sun

Much belated, but not really: the episode went up as planned on Wetness Day (September 14th), but — as is explained with palpable pain in my voice in the opening of this episode — a Windows update had brought my system to its knees, forcing me to do a full system reset. So this post and the episode’s YouTube version is a bit late, but I hope you can manage.

As alluded to in the previous episode’s music talk, back in 1991, Ken Allen redid the soundtrack to Space Quest IV for the PC speaker in a day because he wasn’t happy with how a colleague had done it. So, to honor this feat (and also because Ken asked me not to), we begin this episode with the main theme from Space Quest IV, as performed by the inimitable single-beep PC speaker.

Special guest this evening is none other than game journalist, game writer, and walking game encyclopedia, Richard Cobbett, talking about the do’s and don’ts of adventure game designs.

Also on the program: Serena talks about the future of crowdfunding adventure games, Jess talks about breaking the fourth wall, and Pete talks bollocks.

Listen to the whole thing here:

Download the episode here — and be sure not to ever miss an episode by subscribing via iTunes, RSS, or whatever grody, gnarly thang Stitcher Radio is.

Or, if YouTube is your thing, it’s over there, too:

Even though I extended the interview segment in this episode, there’s oh so many good bits I had to cut out — because the unedited interview with Richard took over two hours. So, please, if you like what you hear, do yourself the favor and listen to the full, unedited interview on Mixcloud:

And, of course, you can’t miss Pete’s uncensored rant on how he finally had to shut the doors to Priapic Mountain.

Next time, things get meta as I cram 7 people into the interview segment: Brian and Bianca of Square Waves FM, Ben and Francisco of Blue Cup Tools, Joe of Upper Memory Block, and Fred and Gareth of Back Seat Designers all get together to talk about the hows and whys of podcasting about games. Behind-the-scenes stuff abounds in a very special season finale.

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