Episode 35: Antagonistic Avian Atrocities in Audio

Finally, here it is! The season finale of the Space Quest Historian Podcast’s 3rd season.

The episode came out on YouTube last week, but due to circumstances beyond my control (my executive producer was on holiday), subscribers on iTunes and other podcast feeds got it a week later. But never mind that! It is here; behold the glory!

Download the mp3 — or just subscribe via iTunes, Android/RSS, or the otherworldly weirdness of Stitcher Radio.

And why should you? Weeell, because there are 4 extra episodes coming out after this one!

These episodes will finish up the Music Talk with Brandon Blume, Ken Allen and James Mulvale, as well as feature an entirely new 4-part interview with Francisco Gonzalez (A Golden Wake, Shardlight, the Ben Jordan series) on whether or not Space Quest holds up today!

Plus outtakes, some behind-the-scenes rambling, and more.

Francisco is also in this episode as part of the “Podcast Circle Jerk” interview, which features 7 of my good podcast buddies: Francisco and Ben (Blue Cup Tools), Joe Mastroianni (Upper Memory Block), Brian and Bianca Devins (Square Waves FM), and, of course, Frederik Olsen and Gareth Millward (Back Seat Designers).

I only put a small bit of the complete Circle Jerk in the episode, however. The full event lasted for two hours, and you can listen to it in all its gloriousness over on Mixcloud:

Oh, I nearly forgot. Yes, the season finale is on YouTube as well:

Oh, shit, I totally forgot: Yes, the CyberCedric single is, in fact, very real. You can download it for free at fjorfolsfimbul.bandcamp.com. It includes an extended 7 minute mix of the song you hear at the start of this episode.

So, that is it! I will see you next time for some smaller extra episodes, but until then — take care, and I hope you have enjoyed season 3!

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