Episode 37: Xtra Episode 2

More music talk from the gentlemen Brandon Blume, James Mulvale, and Ken Allen — and Francisco Gonzalez and I talk about whether or not the plots to Space Quest III and Space Quest IV make sense.

As is tradition now, you can either listen (and download) the episode in audio form, with those naughty, naughty swear-words bleeped:

(Download here, or just subscribe to get new episodes automatically.)

Or you can check out the episode on YouTube, where I have left in the words that your mom told you made God cry:

I will admit, this week’s episode was a bit of a rush job, so there’s not much else other than these two segments. But I will make good on my promise to include outtakes and behind-the-scenes stuff in the last of the four Xtra Episodes!

Hope you’ll tune in again next week!

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