Episode 38: Xtra Episode 3

Time once again for some extra content! More music talk? Check. More grandstanding from Francisco “The Artist” Gonzalez? Uh, actually, he’s a very nice man, so that’s hardly fair. But we do get into Space Quest V, which is his favorite game of the series, and I try to explain him in very unclear terms why it doesn’t feel very Space Quest-y.

Also, there’s some rambling at the start about how the scripting process for the show works out, and how Frederik Olsen and I came up with the story arc(s) for CyberCedric in this season.

The audio version with swear words bleeped out is here:

Do go subscribe with your podcast-y feed-y thing, because there’s still an episode to go.

If you like your podcasts uncensored with filthy words intact, you can listen to the episode on YouTube:

See you next week when we finally wrap up the 3rd season with an explosive finale — not as explosive as the first one, mind you, but still pretty damn volatile.

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