Episode 39: Xtra Episode 4

It’s the 4th and final Xtra episode, and indeed the final episode of the season! I know I said that four episodes ago, at the 12th episode, and that was also true. This is the final, final episode.

To reward you for sticking with it for so long, the episode begins with some bloopers and outtakes from Joe Cassara, Frederik Olsen, and Josh Mandel as King Graham, before we finish up the Music Talk with Brandon, James, and Ken, and the “does Space Quest hold up today?” chat with game designer Francisco Gonzalez.

And, finally, a special musical treat from Pete Toleman.

It is all here in full auditory glory:

Even though this is the final episode of this season, I would be remiss not to remind you to subscribe, so you will be ready when season 4 rolls around sometime this century.

The YouTube version is here, and it features the Francisco interview in its uncensored glory:

Thank you so much for sticking with me this season! Now I’m going to let this website fulfill its true potential as a blogging site, first and foremost. Be sure to check in at my YouTube page where I release two Let’s Play videos a week. And if you can’t get enough podcasting, we also talk adventure games over on Back Seat Designers, and more general nerdy stuff at Nerd Against The Machine!.

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