Late Last Nite: the “Speakeasy” edition is released

Last year, I had the good fortune of lending a small hand in the making of Late Last Nite for the AdventureJam 2015 game jam.

My contribution consisted of writing the dialogue for the snot-nosed Cedric parody, Chadwick, and that was pretty much it. The rest was all down to the fabulous talents of the No More For Today geniuses — Jess, PCJ, Resulka, Chris, Kevin, Gareth, and Fred.

Now, more than a year later, the “full talkie” version is finally released, featuring the voices of YouTube star Sarah “PushingUpRoses” Wilson as the narrator and professional lighter-inquiring-person Rebecca McCarthy as our plucky protagonist.

Chadwick the Owl

I voiced the obnoxious potato chip monster, Chippy. And of course Fred voiced Chadwick the Owl in a voice he swears is somewhat dissimilar to CyberCedric.

The talkie version, like the non-talkie version, is completely and utterly free for your downloading pleasure.

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