I went to AdventureX with a video camera

I hardly need to reiterate at this point that I had a great time at AdventureX 2016. I’ve spent the past week since I got home saying it over and over again, to people in private, to people on Twitter, to my friends who were also there.

I think Fred actually said it best: Not only was it a good time and everyone was super chill, but it felt validating. Like our little obsession that most of our friends and IRL surroundings doesn’t seem to understand has a reason for existing.

It’s still surprisingly hard to explain to people who have no knowledge or interest in computer games what an adventure game is. My outlets for that is, as you’ve maybe noticed, to make endless YouTube videos and podcasts about it, as well as talking about it daily on Twitter, because that’s how I get what’s quite frankly a life-long passion of mine out of my system.

Going to a convention like this was, in a strange way, like coming home. I kept saying, “These are my people,” whenever someone asked me if I’m having a good time, and by that I meant that I was finally in a room with likeminded individuals to whom jokes about sliding tile puzzles and slow-talking narrators weren’t met with quizzical glares but with nods of understanding.

Anyway, I also brought a video camera, and the footage that came out of that (as well as my mobile phone) was used in two videos. For the sake of posterity, I’m archiving them here.

The first one was edited by Frederik for our Back Seat Designers YouTube channel, with the focus of the three of us (Fred, Gareth, and myself) all being in the same physical place for the first time ever:

The second was my own little travel documentary, focusing less on the convention itself, but more on my experiences getting to and from the convention and the challenges I faced in doing so:

I will definitely be back for AdventureX 2017. I hope to see you there.

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