Happy new year! Have a cheesy mug

Hope everyone had a great New Year! It’s finally 2017 and we can stop blaming four random digits for everything that goes wrong in our lives.

While I’m being such an endearing person, maybe I can share a bit of news with you. As of just two days before the new year, my Patreon shot past the $80 a month milestone mark. Thank you so much to all these lovely people!

The milestone meant that I now had to look into merchandising — well knowing that probably not a single soul on this planet would be caught dead wearing or decorating their house with anything that resembles me.

But I said I’d do it, and by god I did it. Behold! The official SQH Swag Store!

Yup. You made that happen. Aren't you proud of yourselves?
Yup. You made that happen. Aren’t you proud of yourselves?

The store has all the usual shit, like t-shirts and a hat and some posters, like this cataract-inducing hippie shirt:

My eyes!
My eyes!

And this fill-in-your-own-death-at-the-hands-of-CyberCedric poster:

"That rat-bastard owl set my house on fire."
“That rat-bastard owl set my house on fire.”

I honestly don’t think anyone will truly buy these, and I’ll be the first to admit it’s a bit pricey (even though I’ve set the profit margin as low as Zazzle will let me). But they were fun to make!

And if anyone does go ahead and buy any of these items, please send me a picture and I will post it flagrantly across the social media landscape!

In other news, 2017 is also the year where I finally get a semi-decent, somewhat professional recording setup! My wife gave me a kick-ass camera for Christmas, and I now have my own little room with my own bright-as-a-thousand-suns light set up, so my videos finally won’t look like total, utter ass.

You can't tell if I'm wearing pants in this picture, and that's intentional.
You can’t tell if I’m wearing pants in this picture, and that’s intentional.

If you’ve watched my last couple of videos, you’ll have seen how this is a much needed improvement over the old stuff I used to record in my bedroom with my laptop’s onboard webcam. I’ve also found ways to improve the audio quality of my commentary (I discovered auto-gate in Audacity), although I do realize that the sound is now a bit echoey — I’m going to look into some echo-dampening stuff soon.

What’s coming in 2017 from me, you may ask? Well, more of the same, really.

The live streams are going to pick up again, starting this Wednesday with part 2 of my Beneath A Steel Sky playthrough. And there will still be edited Let’s Play videos every Tuesday and Thursday.

One thing I plan to do more of in the coming year is blogging on the very site you’re reading right now. And I also plan on finally concentrating on getting the promised Space Quest Historian: The Adventure Game finished. We’ve got a story/design doc ready to roll, written by long time friend of the show Josh Henry, and it’s looking mighty fine!

Oh, and I’m working on a little special musical treat that should come out in a few days … stay tuned for that one. I’ll post about it here when it’s ready.

Well, that’s pretty much it! Happy New Year, and I hope to see you for another year of bigger and better things in SQH land!


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