Silver Spook podcast

This week I was on the Silver Spook Podcast, which is a podcast hosted by Christian Miller.

Christian is also the creator of Neofeud — a game that I have recently finished playing on my YouTube channel. Being the gracious, well-mannered guest that my parents diligently taught me to be, I immediately proceeded to absolutely spoil the shit out of the ending of his game … so, uh, spoiler warning if you haven’t played Neofeud.

We recorded our chat with our pretty faces, so you can watch two talking heads converse with each other from across the globe here:

You can also subscribe to Christian’s podcast via this feed and listen to it on the go, if that’s your thing.

In all honesty, I was a bit tired when we recorded this — but thankfully Christian is just as big a rambler than me, so we were very much in tune as we darted from tangent to tangent. I had a blast talking to Christian and hope to be able to pick his brain some more in the future.

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