Space Quest Historian Podcast

Space Quest Historian Podcast Season 3

Hello, ladies and janitors! Welcome to the official page for The Space Quest Historian podcast.

The 3rd season of the show has wrapped — with 12 episodes and 4 extra episodes featuring additional content!

Have a look around, listen to the episodes, point and laugh derisively at the old video episodes, and don’t forget to leave me a comment on the contact page!

What I paid other people to say about this podcast

The Space Quest Historian Podcast has escaped from host Troels Pleimert’s vast jam-packed melon of awesomeness!
– Ken Allen, SpaceVenture musician

Listening to [Ken Allen and Brandon Blume] talk makes me want to regale you with tales of tooting my own horn (take that as you will, but in reality it’s about playing the trumpet…get your minds out of the gutter).
– Serena Nelson, KickstartVentures

The word “essential” is way overused in the wonderful worlds of media, and when this fact is brought up in preambles of this sort, it is usually just before the speaker shamelessly deploys the word oneself. This post is no exception.
Because Troels Pleimert’s Space Quest Historian podcasts have quickly become indispensable listening for anyone really interested in not only the Space Quest series and the upcoming SpaceVenture, but also Sierra and adventure games and storytelling in general.
These podcasts are smart, witty, funny, insightful, enlightened broadcasts of love. They are virtually guaranteed to make you hold it in for longer than is good for you in case you feel a burgeoning, impending need but are foolhardy enough to press play regardless of this fact.
– Simo Sakari Aaltonen, writer

Why a podcast about Space Quest?

I am, for lack of a better term, quite obsessed with the Space Quest series that was created by Mark Crowe and Scott Murphy, also known as the Two Guys From Andromeda. The sci-fi comedy series starring hapless janitor Roger Wilco spawned a total of 6 games and was released by Sierra On-Line between 1986 – 1995.

My adolescent obsession with this series has led me to meet a bunch of wonderful people and to have the chance to work alongside my heroes as they forged their new company, Guys From Andromeda LLC. They asked me to work for them, first as community manager for their Kickstarter campaign, heading up a team of superfans who dubbed themselves The Keronian Underground, and later as writing intern under the supervision of Scott Murphy, as they create their new sci-fi comedy adventure game, SpaceVenture.

As part of being cheerleader for this endeavor, I embarked on doing a series of video episodes as the Space Quest Historian, which led to creating a podcast under the same name.

For the 3rd season, the show branched out and started covering more than just Space Quest. I had the great fortune to interview several talented adventure game developers, and talked more about adventure game design in general.