Get on the podcast!

I’m always looking for people to contribute to the podcast. The podcast is entirely pre-recorded (no live segments), so if you have something you feel would be well suited for the show, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and submit your mp3’s to me.

There really are no rules. Just say what’s on your mind and I’ll try to work it into the podcast. I will also add any relevant background music and such in the mixing, but if you need to include any specific samples or music pieces, you should include these in the recording. But really, all I need is your voice.

Here’s a few ways you can do that:

Google Drive

Upload your mp3 to your Google Drive account and share it with me (


Upload your mp3 to your Dropbox account and share it with me (


E-mail me your mp3 at Be careful with size; some e-mail clients aren’t too happy about sending big files.