Adventure Game Studio (AGS) Tutorial – Episode 2

I should be playing games now instead of dicking around with this, I know. But there were some grievous oversights in the previous episode 1 parts that I felt needed correcting — notably that you couldn’t actually see what code I was writing because of the dumbass facecam.

So I start out by showing you how that was supposed to look, then move swiftly into making a simple dialogue tree. Aaaaand fuck it up tremendously. I hope you enjoy.

Adventure Game Studio (AGS) Tutorial – Episode 1

Due to popular demand, I now present my overly rambling, incoherent tutorial on how to get started using Adventure Game Studio.

I split the first episode into three parts because it ran amazingly long, and I figure if anyone actually wants to follow this, they would probably prefer it being in more easily digestible-sized chunks.

So here’s all parts together in one post for your viewing pleasure!

Download the OCS Machine (the plot generator device) used in the first episode here: