What’s In the Safe – Talkie Version out now!

Last year, for the game jam AdventureJam 2015, I made a short first-person adventure game called What’s In the Safe?.

It featured digitized graphics that had been downscaled to the point of Commodore 64 blockiness (160×200, if you must know), and a weird story about an ex-criminal who gets teleported through time by his former crime partner. Don’t ask. I was drinking at the time.

Also, grave robbing. Can't have too much grave robbing in indie games.
Also, grave robbing. Can’t have too much grave robbing in indie games.

Anyway, not long after the jam ended (in April 2015), I somehow got hung up on the idea of making a talkie version of the game. You know, like they did in the olden days. One where the characters talked and all. Believe me, that was a big thing back in the early 90’s.

So I commissioned voice work from my friend, YouTuber Amayirot Akago, and he delivered in a very timely fashion. Note that we are still talking somewhere in the summer of 2015 here.

Fast forward many, many months, and we are now in the latter part of February 2016. And I finally make good on my promise!

Feel free to start on your own list of swear words now.
Feel free to start on your own list of swear words now.

You can now download the full talkie version from GameJolt at the exorbitant price of absolutely nothing!

Apart from the excellent voice work by Amayirot Akago, this updated version also features:

  • A new intro sequence that took me about 10 minutes to put in
  • Some minor bug fixes, courtesy of Kevin Wallace and Ben Chandler
  • A fixed spelling error! (“Lose” ends? No, “LOOSE” ends, thank you!)

Now I can breathe a sigh of relief and look forward to taking forever making my next game; the one I’ve been hinting at in the previous post. We’ll see where that goes. But, for now, champagne and confetti for all!

Update: If the game starts out full-screen but the size of a postage stamp, just go into the winsetup.exe program and set the image filter to 3x:


He walks! He talks! And his legs look attached!

Welcome to a new series about me trying to make games and how utterly shit I am at it.

I spend a good deal of time talking about other people’s games, and one of the overriding reasons for that is that I am infinitely more qualified in doing that than trying to make my own goddamn games. Even though I have made two. Well, three. Okay, four, if you count that little “let’s learn AGS” excursion. All right, four-and-a-half, if writing bits of the dialogue in Serena counts.

One thing that’s always held me back severely is my inability to draw properly. It’s very nice when people say they thought the art in What Spunky Found was cute, but let’s be honest: it’s crude at best, and it’s true when I say that this is exactly how I used to draw comics in grade school. As in, my “art style” hasn’t improved in the slightest in over 20 years.

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