I did my very own Upper Memory Block episode!

I guess this is what they call “coming full circle,” eh? The podcast that inspired me to start my own podcast allowed me to do my own guest episode for that podcast.

Confused yet? Don’t be. It just means that I got the chance to do my very own episode of Upper Memory Block, the podcast usually hosted by Joe Mastroianni. But because he’s off populating the Earth, he asked friends if they wouldn’t mind keeping his show alive while he was tending to the new heir to the throne, and I was fortunate enough to be included in that roster of people.

The game I’m covering is Steel Empire (also known as Cyber Empires in North America); a little-known strategy/arcade hybrid by then-fledgling company Silicon Knights.

I even managed to score an interview with Silicon Knights founder Denis Dyack, who kindly spoke to me for an hour about making the game. There’s about 30 minutes of the interview in the episode itself, but I put the full-length interview on Mixcloud.

Go have a listen to the episode!

Oh, and if you’re interested in seeing how this thing actually plays, my mate David and I sat down and played a campaign at his house, which I, of course, put on YouTube.

Games that deserve more attention

Things have been quite extraordinarily quiet around here lately. Still haven’t got a working charger for my laptop.

I did, however, manage to weasel my way onto another Upper Memory Block Hangout (having borrowed my wife’s laptop) to talk about “diamonds in the rough” — that is, games that we feel deserved more attention than they got when they came out …

… and also some that didn’t deserve the attention they got.

Do piss off.
Do piss off.

Watch in awe as the light slowly dims around me to the point where I’m just a floating head in the darkness, and listen to Tomer, Brian, Joe and myself talk about games — games! — more games!

You can also download the audio version, if that’s more your thing.

And, of course, I do implore you to go listen and subscribe to Joe’s show, because it’s really fantastic.

Square Waves FM: Serious Stalling for Time

I was invited back on the Square Waves FM podcast to talk about a topic.

We never got around to the topic.

The topic was supposed to be “life lessons learned from playing video games.” And I had nothing. I was really resigned to just sit back and let Brian and Bianca run through their list.

Luckily, their new show format limits them to just 90 minutes of air-time, and I managed to stall for time long enough for them to actually never get to the topic in question.

So this episode is just a bunch of rambling about games we’ve played, Brian’s problems with his hosting provider, making sense of The 7th Guest, me suddenly being a game reviewer, and some stuff about ditches.

Give it a listen:

You can also download the episode from their website.

Thanks again to Brian & Bianca for inviting me back. It’s always a good time being on the Squares’ podcast, and this was definitely no exception.

Feelies, boxes, stuff in the physical world

This weekend, I made a brief appearance on the 4th Upper Memory Block Patreon Hangout. Actually, I hadn’t planned on showing up at all, ‘cos I wasn’t feeling up to it (rough weekend) and I didn’t feel I had much to talk about on the subject.

But I couldn’t resist jumping in and saying ‘hi’ to what, in my mind, has become kind of like a book club or a coffee house crowd. Joe and the Patreon guys are fantastic and, after about half an hour of sitting around while the stream was going on, I decided I just missed them too much. I fired up Hangouts on my phone and, well, you’ll see.

I appear about half an hour into the proceedings (that link skips right to it), but the entire thing is worth watching because, again, these are cool people who talk about cool shit.

Watch the entire thing here:

(I mean, how can you go wrong with that thumbnail?)

You can also download the audio version from Joe’s site. Oh, and do subscribe to his podcast, if you haven’t already. If you’re into games from the DOS and pre-Windows XP gaming era, you won’t find a better show.