Square Waves FM: Game ideas

I was on the Square Waves FM podcast talking about game ideas that we’d love to turn into real games but probably never will.

Strap yourselves in, ‘cos it goes on for three and a half hours.

Listen here:

Download the episode from their website

Subscribe to the show, too. You really should; it’s a great show.

SomeGuy & Space Quest Historian play Simon the Sorceror – All Other Parts

Well, the weekend passed and I was off doing other things than checking my social media. And then yesterday passed as well. All this time, SomeGuy kept dutifully putting up new episode of our playthrough of Simon the Sorceror, and I did not keep up with posting them as they appeared.

So, here’s my “fuck it, here’s the rest of it” post. Enjoy!

SomeGuy & Space Quest Historian play Simon the Sorceror – Part 3

Oh, god. Swampy. Fucking Swampy. Not only is he a pain in the ass, his voice is like a thousand nails on a thousand chalkboards.

Someone fucking kill Swampy, or at least have the decency to put us all out of our misery!

Wait … He’s in every goddamn Simon game?! How cruel are AdventureSoft?!

SomeGuy & Space Quest Historian play Simon the Sorceror – Part 2

In part 2 of our Let’s Play (should be titled Let’s Snark, really, since I didn’t actually play and we were both kinda snarky), SomeGuy and I remark on the wonderful graphics, the lame fourth-wall breaking, the endless dialogue … and get used to that, ‘cos we will be going on and on about those topics throughout the whole series. A lot.

We also meet the worst hint system in the world.