Square Waves FM: Serious Stalling for Time

I was invited back on the Square Waves FM podcast to talk about a topic.

We never got around to the topic.

The topic was supposed to be “life lessons learned from playing video games.” And I had nothing. I was really resigned to just sit back and let Brian and Bianca run through their list.

Luckily, their new show format limits them to just 90 minutes of air-time, and I managed to stall for time long enough for them to actually never get to the topic in question.

So this episode is just a bunch of rambling about games we’ve played, Brian’s problems with his hosting provider, making sense of The 7th Guest, me suddenly being a game reviewer, and some stuff about ditches.

Give it a listen:

You can also download the episode from their website.

Thanks again to Brian & Bianca for inviting me back. It’s always a good time being on the Squares’ podcast, and this was definitely no exception.

Square Waves FM: Games We Hate

I was on the Square Waves FM podcast again last weekend. This time I was joined by my good Twitter friend Darth Helmet talking about games that we utterly despise.

We do actually get into games we really like as well, and it’s a very rambunctious and fun-filled episode where we basically spend most of our time off-topic antagonizing co-host Bianca.

Have a listen:

Or download the episode from their website.

Thanks again, Brian and Bianca, for having me on your show, and thanks, Darth, for being there with me.

Square Waves FM: Game ideas

I was on the Square Waves FM podcast talking about game ideas that we’d love to turn into real games but probably never will.

Strap yourselves in, ‘cos it goes on for three and a half hours.

Listen here:

Download the episode from their website

Subscribe to the show, too. You really should; it’s a great show.