Feats of strength (and failure)

Bit of old news at this point, I'm afraid, but it deserves archiving. Another one of Joe's Hangouts took place earlier this month, covering a topic that I suggested. I really shouldn't have, because I didn't have any good stories to share on the subject, but it worked out well, anyway. As usual, the whole … Continue reading Feats of strength (and failure)


I did my very own Upper Memory Block episode!

I guess this is what they call "coming full circle," eh? The podcast that inspired me to start my own podcast allowed me to do my own guest episode for that podcast. Confused yet? Don't be. It just means that I got the chance to do my very own episode of Upper Memory Block, the … Continue reading I did my very own Upper Memory Block episode!

Games that deserve more attention

Things have been quite extraordinarily quiet around here lately. Still haven't got a working charger for my laptop. I did, however, manage to weasel my way onto another Upper Memory Block Hangout (having borrowed my wife's laptop) to talk about "diamonds in the rough" -- that is, games that we feel deserved more attention than … Continue reading Games that deserve more attention

Feelies, boxes, stuff in the physical world

This weekend, I made a brief appearance on the 4th Upper Memory Block Patreon Hangout. Actually, I hadn't planned on showing up at all, 'cos I wasn't feeling up to it (rough weekend) and I didn't feel I had much to talk about on the subject. But I couldn't resist jumping in and saying 'hi' … Continue reading Feelies, boxes, stuff in the physical world