Episode 23: Hard Puzzles (Xmas Special)

Download mp3 Just in time for your 2014 Holiday cheers, here's the special season finale of The Space Quest Historian Season 2. As I have already bored you with before, I have had some technical issues in the past (dead computer, basically), so this episode was kind of a seat-of-my-pants affair. I had an audio [...]


Episode 21: Death In Space

Download mp3 Yeah, I know, it's technically Halloween now - so, while the show itself states that it's Halloween tomorrow, it really is today. But it was "tomorrow" when I handed it in for release! So it goes. I haven't got much to add to this show, actually. Jeysie and Broomie handed in some great [...]

Episode 20: Bea Vs. Stellar

Download mp3 Whoo-ee, we've had some fun with this topic in the past. Roger's foretold destiny to end up with Beatrice Wankmeister, his wife and future mother of Roger Jr., and the sudden introduction of Stellar Santiago in Space Quest 6. What was up with all that? Well, thankfully, the always delightful and helpful Josh [...]