Episode 39: Xtra Episode 4

It's the 4th and final Xtra episode, and indeed the final episode of the season! I know I said that four episodes ago, at the 12th episode, and that was also true. This is the final, final episode. To reward you for sticking with it for so long, the episode begins with some bloopers and … Continue reading Episode 39: Xtra Episode 4


Episode 38: Xtra Episode 3

Time once again for some extra content! More music talk? Check. More grandstanding from Francisco "The Artist" Gonzalez? Uh, actually, he's a very nice man, so that's hardly fair. But we do get into Space Quest V, which is his favorite game of the series, and I try to explain him in very unclear terms … Continue reading Episode 38: Xtra Episode 3

Episode 37: Xtra Episode 2

More music talk from the gentlemen Brandon Blume, James Mulvale, and Ken Allen -- and Francisco Gonzalez and I talk about whether or not the plots to Space Quest III and Space Quest IV make sense. As is tradition now, you can either listen (and download) the episode in audio form, with those naughty, naughty … Continue reading Episode 37: Xtra Episode 2


Episode 36: Xtra Episode 1

The season has wrapped, but we're not quite done yet. Here's the first of four extra episodes that conclude the Music Talk with Brandon Blume, James Mulvale, and Ken Allen. It also includes the 1st of a 4-part chat with game designer Francisco Gonzalez on the merits of the Space Quest series as seen through … Continue reading Episode 36: Xtra Episode 1